Debit Card

In this day and age, more and more people have shifted towards using online platforms to complete their activities such as shopping for clothes, electronics, groceries, and other necessities. And because of the ever-evolving debit card, adapting to this new environment has never been this easy and efficient. How so? Well first, using your debit card to make purchases online or withdraw at ATM saves you the hassle lining up at brunch, and facilitate your payment transactions. Plus, using a debit card to complete your transactions promotes eco-friendliness. This is because instead of the usual paper receipt you receive whenever you pay for something, a debit card transaction means that you’ll receive an electronic digital receipt instead. So, say for example once your transaction is successful, you will immediately see the transaction reflected in the transaction history of your Onecash App. It’s just the debit card benefit that seals the deal

Onecash Card

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So now, after everything we’ve discussed, you might be thinking, “Wow, Onecash. Learning about the different debit card benefits was really an eye-opener. Do you know where I can get one?”. Don’t worry, getting a debit card is easy all you’ll need to do is tap on “order a debit card”  undergo our fast and fun onboarding process, then voilà! Install your app, click on request a Onecash debit card and you’ve just been approved for a OneCash debit card. An even better we will deliver at home in less than two hours if you reside in Addis!