Direct Payment at Merchant

Pay via our QR Code

QR codes can be used for a variety of purposes. QR codes can direct customers to menus, provide access to websites and open up images.

QR codes are scanned by smartphone cameras, making it a lot easier and faster than typing information manually into an app.

Our QR code payment system?

QR codes are presented as a barcode-looking image that contains information on both the merchant and payment provider.

OneCash QR payment functions like a normal POS terminal.  OneCash customers are using their phones to scan the QR code and complete the payment on the spot.

Every smartphone has a camera that recognises QR codes. Once the camera detects the QR code, a push notification comes up taking Onecash customers to a screen where they input their payment details and complete the purchase.

With the OneCash App businesses can turn their smartphone into a POS terminal and accept payments without having to invest in any hardware or committing to month-long contracts.

How do QR codes work?

At first glance, you might think QR codes work like barcode scanners. Although in many ways they do, there is one key difference, QR codes can be scanned from both paper and screens.

This versatility of our QR code makes it very handy to use on all sorts of surfaces, as well as on a phone screen. With OneCash business owners can take payments with just their phone.

In order to scan our QR code, you just need a smartphone with OneCash App installed.

When someone scans our QR code with his OneCash app notification will appear including the Bank account number of the merchant and the amount, the customer just needs to confirm the payment with his secured PIN code and instantly the payment will be done.

 By using a payment provider that enables QR code payments, anyone can take payments with just their smartphone. Essentially, QR codes are democratising card payments. As a business, you no longer need to pay monthly fees, commit to a contract or purchase separate hardware. You just OneCash App take payments.

All QR code payments are tokenised and encrypted, which means no payment details are stored with the merchant. These make it incredibly secure.