GO eWallet

All type of account provides standard banking features. Still, their maximum balance, the daily number of transactions, as well as the simplicity to open your account makes a difference. Note that Business accounts can only be provided to businesses duly registered in Ethiopia.


Documents needed to open the account

Must be 18 years old no need to go to the bank you can register directly via telegram by entering:

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • Date of birth
  • Recent photo of the user

Note: You can register yourself after being invited by family and friends, you will have to confirm by entering your PIN code on your own phone.

How can I get an Invitation and Auto-register ?

Getting an invitation has never been as easy, ask your friends and relatives to send you an invite from their OneCash app or to send you 1 Birr that will instantly create an invitation.

In case that nobody around you has a OneCash eWallet just register on our Website and our support center will call you back as soon as possible,