OnePay: QR & Online Payments

Direct Payments: QR based

What are the benefits of a direct payment QR based for your Business?

Simple set-up and no expensive hardware

As a business retailer, you may have been through the whole card reader experience – expensive hardware, monthly contract fees and minimum deposits.

When you’re trying to keep costs down or are looking for something more versatile, bulky card readers are an expensive way to take payments. With QR codes, setting up a payment solution is so much easier and faster.

By using a QR code payment system like OneCash, all you need to do is download the OneCash app. Forget about buying expensive hardware or monthly contract fees – if you have a mobile device, you can immediately start accepting payments.

This is also incredibly useful if you have several employees in different locations.

With a QR code payment app, each employee just needs to download the app on their phone and they’ll be able to accept payments too. All payments will be deposited into one account, making it very easy to manage from one location.

With QR codes, Elias, owner of a taxi, takes QR-based payments with just his phone.

Accept payments anywhere and at any time

QR codes are one of the most versatile ways to accept payments. With OneCash, you can use both static and dynamic QR codes.

Static QR codes are QR codes that do not move and can be printed for outside purposes, on signs, menus, hotel rooms, marketing materials and TV screens. Dynamic QR codes are one-time generated QR codes that are scanned and paid immediately.  

With static and dynamic QR codes, your customers can complete payments without you even being present, which helps speed up payments and allows you to serve more customers.

 Our QR code payments allow businesses of all sizes to accept not only OneCash but also Visa and Mastercard, at favourable rates, and all from one centralised system.

You’ll no longer need to keep track of separate systems and manage sets of Excel spreadsheets, all your payments are on one dashboard.

Take faster payments and serve more customers

In the world of same-day delivery and self-checkouts, customers no longer have the patience to wait for their items.

Whether it’s an online delivery or in-person order, QR code payments help you speed up payments and therefore increase the number of customers you can serve.

“QR codes are the answer to the problem because customers don’t need to queue up in a line – you can put the QR code anywhere, outside, inside, anywhere – all they need to do is scan it and then pay for it. I benefit from it because you can virtually do anything with it.”

By displaying a QR code right in front of your shop, customers can access and order through an online menu. You don’t need to manually take their order, making it easier and faster to prepare their meal and deliver it to them.

 Implement better security

When you’re dealing with several payment systems, it’s often hard to make sure everything is secure.

With QR codes, it’s completely different. Not only do you have one centralised system with QR codes, but payments are also a lot more secure than other transactions such as cash.

With a QR code payment, all information is encrypted and no customer details are stored on file.  

As you can imagine, QR codes are also gaining popularity due to recent social distancing regulations. By using QR codes to transfer payments, merchants and customers no longer need to handle cash.

A restaurant can simply print out a static QR code, set it down on a table and allow customers to scan and pay from a safe distance. This type of payment means both customers and merchants can work in a safe, secure and convenient environment.

How do you set up QR code payments?

At OneCash we’ve been helping businesses implement QR code payments for many years.

Our QR code payment feature allows you to take payments on the go using your phone. They are a quick and secure way to take payments without having to share bank details.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Open the OneCash app and enter the amount you want to charge
  2. At this point, your secure and unique QR code is generated
  3. Tap in the amount you want to charge your customer
  4. Ask them to scan the code by hovering their phone camera over the QR code
  5. When the customer scans your QR code, they will see a notification pop up on their phone screen
  6. The customer must enter its secured PIN Code and payment his done
  7. A notification will be sent to both parties, the customer as well as the retailer.
How to create static and dynamic QR codes?

We’ve made it incredibly easy to create static and dynamic QR codes.

 Once you set up your OneCash account you just need to enter the total amount you want to charge your customer.

You can choose to enter a reference, and then pick an in-person or online payment method. A dynamic QR code will display itself on your mobile device and your customer just needs to scan it to complete their payment.

You can also choose to request the payment through a payment link or print out the QR code so customers can pay while you focus on what you do best.

The easiest way to process a payment is by:

  1. Scan the QR of the merchant
  2. Enter amount
  3. Enter PIN code

All payments are secured and processed in less than 15 seconds.

Online payments

With OneCash Online Payment (OnePay), your Organization can:

Collect payments of your digital invoices from all over Ethiopia. End users can pay directly to their OneCash account, or at the closest OneCash Branch or Agent.

Process payments to relatives, suppliers or payroll, you can send a payment to anyone who has an Ethiopian account.

How it works?

Open an OneCash Business Account at one of our partner Bank

Make payments or send money via our online portal. Payment have never been so easy enter the phone number of the receiver, the amount press sends, enter your PIN code via your phone to confirm, payment is done.

To collect payment, access your portal generate invoices, when customers pay you will be immediately notified by SMS.

Invoices can also be created via our open API’s and integrated into your App/Website.

All transactions are done in real time and instantly reported on your online portal.

How are customers paying?

OneCash is not only the most convenient way for a Business to pay and be paid, it is also the first Omnichannel payment method in Ethiopia customers have multiple options to pay they can process the USSD bank code of their bank (exemple: *912#) as well as pay via the OneCash App or even more simple via Telegram OneCashBot.

As soon as they access their account OneCash will ask them to confirm payment by entering their PIN code, payment is done.

In case the beneficiary does not have an OneCash account, the system generate one, the sent amount is instantly credited on its new account; Beneficiary can now Cash-out at the closest OneCash Branch or Agent.

How to invoice from my App/Website and be paid via OneCash?

Payment Gateway

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