Third Party Integration API

Integrate OneCash with your service. The OneCash API is intended for several types of business third-party integrations. It includes support for all types of credit transfers.

After Authentication, a member’s transfer history may be accessed and new transfers created.
Most members need two-factor authorization to complete transfers. This process can be initiated with the /transfer/authorize endpoint. One or more PREPARED transfers may be authorized in one go.


authenticate for logging in and getting a Bearer token API key. The API key must be passed as Authorization: Bearer header on all other requests.
transfers for checking transfer history and making new transfers to other members, if allowed
accounts for accessing multiple accounts from one login, if allowed
airtime for performing airtime top up
invoices for entering and retrieving status of invoices
connections for remote access tokens, IP whitelist setting, and web-hook settings.

Integration Styles

There are several ways to use the OneCash API, depending on the intended use-case.
Make OneCash transfers from your account using POST /transfers

  • Make OneCash transfers from your account using POST /transfers, then interact with the transfer using webhooks
  • Receive OneCash payments to your account, listening to webhook AUTHENTICATING, RECEIVED and/or PROCESSED events
  • Allow OneCash users to send you transfer requests, and process them by listening to PREPARED webhook events
  • Make OneCash transfers, with potential later transfer amendments using PUT /transfers/{id}

For making transfers, and any other direct OneCash API access like getting a list of transfers, you will need to setup a refresh token in /connections which must be stored securely in your server.

For many integrations it is possible to use only webhooks, without the need of direct API calls. This can make it easy to support sophisticated integrations with high reliability. Webhooks allow the complex retry, timeout and error logic to be handled mostly on OneCash side.

Deep dive

General concepts API, REST, Web Hook

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