TopUP & Cash Out

Top up your account instantly

OneCash provides an Omnichannel solution allowing the consumers to transact via their favourite channels. All channels are fully secured and can be used independently from each other.

Cash Deposit

At 6,000 Bank branches

Maximum deposit:

25,000 Birr

At OneMfi Branches

Maximum deposit:


Bank Transfer

From OneCash accounts

Via available channels (App, USSD, Telegram, Web)

     Maximum: 50,000 Birr

From Other Bank accounts

Via Other Bank Apps using Interoperability (Etswitch and RTGS)

Credit Card

Visa & Mastercad

via a PayLink

Request payment from APP

     Maximum: 5 000 $ USD

(Amount received instantly in ETB)

Cash-out your account

Any OneCash account can be cash-out at:


Cardless via a Paycode generated by your App (can be cashed out at more than 1,000 Bank of Abyssinia ATMs)

Any Ethiopian ATM using your OneCard

     Maximum: 10 000 Birr


At OnMfi Branches

     Maximum: 50 000 ETB


At OnMfi Agents

     Maximum: 10 000 ETB